Access to Information

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For each of the areas listed below consider if the work you developed for this badge succeeds or doesn't succeed. If there are areas in which you don't think you were successful, revise your work so that it better meets the qualities set out in the areas below:

  • Posted an overview of discussion with teens on information seeking in a mobile environment included on the badge website. Overview includes specifics about what the teens said and what the conversation “taught” the library staff member about teens and mobile information seeking.
  • Included in the set of materials created for this badge information about a program that would be re-designed/enhanced to include a mobile information seeking component and why, based on discussions with teens, it would be useful to do with this specific program.
  • Included as a document created for this badge a plan for a mobile information seeking program. The plan should include details as outlined in the template and be specific about each of the components of the template.
  • A reflection of the re-developed program including what worked, what didn't work, and an analysis of the program including what might be changed for a next version is added to the badge earner's project materials.
  • Added to the badge earner's materials is a presentation on the value of developing mobile information seeking activities for teens and included specific details about why this is important and what was learned in the testing process outlined above.