Communication, Marketing, Outreach

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For each of the areas listed below consider if the work you developed for this badge succeeds or doesn't succeed. If there are areas in which you don't think you were successful, revise your work so that it better meets the qualities set out in the areas below:

  • Reflection of the interview with a teen mentor and coach and with teens demonstrates that the badge earner understands the role that mentors and coaches play in teen lives by describing that role and including at least one example.
  • Reflection of the interview with a teen mentor/coach with with teens demonstrates the badge earner understands and how and why libraries should support teen mentoring and coaching by including at least three examples of how the badge earner might integrate mentoring/coaching ideas into their teen services.
  • At least five talking points are developed to use with colleagues, administrations, community members, and stakeholders.
  • Each of the talking points developed articulates the why of teen mentoring/coaching as a library supported activity.